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This web page is going away soon.  I am convinced that the libs and socialism are like the Ebola virus.  Once it takes hold, there is no stopping it. I have mixed emotions about being old.  On the good side, i will be dead by the time they turn the country into another Venezuela-like pile of panther poop.  On the bad side my son and his family are going to have to live through it.

Most of the people that read my rants have many of the same views as I do.  So I'm just preaching to the choir.

Another problem facing the world is Islam.  Please visit www.thereligionofpeace.com to see the true mission of Islam. 

Please remember to do what you can do to fight illegal immigration.  Go to www.NumbersUSA.COM 

I was kicked off Twitter. (I wonder why?)

He is our last best hope!  Get behind our president!


  Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Barack Obama (behinnd the scenes) deserve every single bit of your contempt and disgust.  My frustrations are also due to the ignorance and stupidity of so many Americans.  To begin with there is NO free lunch!  We have too many people that believe that the US Government is their mothers’ teat.  If the government buys one person a lunch they have to get the money for that lunch from someone else.  Well as we buy more and more people lunches fewer and fewer people can afford to buy their own lunch because the government has taken their lunch money to pay for other lunches.  Next thing you know is that everyone gives all of their money to the government and the government gives you what it thinks you need.(Socialism) You won’t be able to do anything about it. 

The other thing the American people are too ignorant about is illegal immigration and what it is doing to our country and why the Democrats want it to continue.  Please join NumbersUSA to try to stem the tide of illegal aliens.  It is free and it is a way to send faxes and call the politicians to let them know what you think.  These people are doing good work but in order to stop this scourge but we need more folks.  You can go here to see what illegal immigration is costing you.   Another problem facing the world is Islam.  Please visit www.thereligionofpeace.com to see the true mission of Islam.        

I was born in 1944 at Doctor’s Hospital on Broad Street in Philadelphia.  They tore the hospital down.  Right from the beginning I was ready to go anywhere and do anything to get the job done. My grade school was Cardington-Stonehurst  grade school.  Torn down as well!  I went to Beverly Hills Junior High. (Renamed to Beverly Hills Middle School.)  Upper Darby High School is still there.  Today I look a little different!  I certainly look older.  I still have a young mind and I blame that mostly on my son who keeps me in line.   Enjoy and you can reply if you wish. 


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